CHROMA Tattoo Stencil Ink Cartridge Canon 560


Turn your printer into a tattoo stencil printer!

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No more wasting time on copying flashes manually and creating stencils by hand. Chroma by Tat2Skin is a game changing solution for all tattoo artists out there who want to save plenty of precious time while achieving perfect, human-mistake-proof performance on their stencils. Simply load your compatible printer with a Chroma cartridge by Tat2Skin and start printing your stencils from any source in a matter of seconds and in perfect accuracy! After the design is transferred onto the client’s skin it will remain sharp, visible and accurate during the whole tattooing process.

Compatible Printers

For Europe & Middle East Regions

Canon PIXMA TS5300 / TS5350 / TS5351 / TS5352 / TS5353 / TS7450 / TS7451

Additional information

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 7 × 10 × 7 cm
Stencil Ink Color

Purple, Black, Red