Bundle Includes:

  • Canon PIXMA TS3151 Printer
  • USB Printer Cable
  • CHROMA 545 Tattoo Stencil Ink Cartridges (Purple) x 2
  • Stencil Stuff Application Solution 120ml
  • 500 Stencil Print Sheets
  • Double-Sided Skin Marker
Affordable • Easy to operate • Accurate • Clean • Wireless Printing • Up to 600 prints per cartridge • CHROMA Purple Stencil Ink Still copying stencils by hand like in the old days? Stop wasting time! Meet Tat2Skin’s newest solution for duplicating sketches onto the skin – our new stencil printer will be your studio’s new best friend! Load it with a compatible Tat2Skin Chroma stencil ink cartridge, choose a design from your computer or scan a design with the built in scanner, print and transfer it onto the skin! The design will remain vivid, visible and accurate during the whole tattooing process.

Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 47 × 20 cm