Tat2Skin Partnership Program

What is an affiliate?

Affiliate is a partner – it can be a distributor, tattoo artist, opinion leader, community manager, magazine or any other key role in the tattoo and tattoo equipment industries that has channels of information dissemination through which it can reach potential customers whose Tat2Skin products are relevant.


Why should I join?

Working from home has never been so efficient and rewarding. As a Tat2Skin affiliate, you will receive a unique coupon code that you distribute to your target audience through your information distribution channels. This coupon code will give your target audience a lucrative discount on their purchase through the Tat2Skin website, and for every customer who buys from us and using your coupon code, you receive a percentage of the sale- money directly into your bank account! We reward on all products on the site without exception.


How much money do I get?

First, to encourage your customers to use the coupon code you gave them and not complete the purchase without entering it we give them 5% off for every purchase they make through the Tat2Skin website. For every transaction in which your unique coupon code is entered you will receive 15% of the total money! (Excluding shipping prices)



Why use affiliate rather than traditional distribution?

The big advantage of the affiliate program is that all products are shipped directly from us. As an affiliate, you do not need cumbersome logistics and warehouse management with space-occupying merchandise that requires specific storage conditions. We save you the shipping procedure, worrying about expiry dates, lack of inventory or excess inventory and lots of unnecessary hassle. We will do the hard work – you make sure to bring the customers and collect the money.


How do I join?

Please fill out the following sign up form and we will contact you soon with more details.


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