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“You’re About To Discover Pro Tattoo Artist Tips, Tricks and Methods That’ll Show You How To Create Mind-Blowing Tattoos… FOR FREE”


In these times of uncertainty, it is definitely the time to widen your knowledge and turn skin into canvas- unleash your inner artist!

I, Moshe Alul, along with the Tat2Skin team have decided to give this wonderful course to anyone who wishes to learn the secrets of tattoos for FREE.

For years I’ve been meeting incredible artists, and I thought, what if I can give these artists the ability and tools to learn the art of tattoos, and break the boundaries and let them unleash their inner artists?

The thought of being a pioneer and bringing the art of tattoos into the Permanent Makeup field fascinated me and I decided to make my move. I am 100% convinced that in the near future we will see Permanent Makeup artists perform some very impressive tattoos.

It is time to let your imagination flow in a colourful world of art and beauty that has not only great pride in it – but is also a reliable source of income.

I prepared the groundwork for you Permanent Makeup artists and developed a one-of-a-kind machine which will assist you in the process of transferring any sketch your clients could ever want to tattooing it on their bodies – in a matter of seconds and with stunning accuracy. 

Along with that I also made for you a wide selection of certified tattoo colours and study material. Everything gathered in one place – the Tat2Skin company.

We invite you to discover a new world of colours and beauty.


Moshe Alul and the Tat2Skin team



One of the world’s foremost authorities on permanent makeup and cosmetic tattoos procedures, with over 30 years of experience as a professional tattoo artist, Alul is one of the known pioneers in the Israeli tattoo culture. Moshe Alul will be your host and instructor into the world of tattoos. Join Mr. Alul to discover more about his latest innovation in the tattoo field- the new Tat2Skin Printer.


World-renowned tattoo artist from Czech Republic, famously known for her breathtaking vibrant Aqua tattoos. Veronkia is an entrepreneur and educator, who will help guide you through the best tattooing tricks and techniques.