Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Splasher liquid safe to use on human skin?

Yes. The Splasher is safe and was authorized by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

Are the Tattoner ink ingredients toxic or hazardous?

No. The ink inside the Tattoner was regulated and marked as safe to use. It is non-toxic and non-hazardous and will not damage the skin in any way. You can find the approval here.

How long does the sketch stays on the skin?

The sketch will last for hours while staying visible and clear. If you want to remove the sketch immediately simply wipe it again with the Splasher.

Does the sketch smear or smudge during work?

The sketch will not smear or smudge easily during work. For better resistance we recommend using “stencil lock” products. We also recommend to start with the outlines while performing the tattoo and wipe only the area where the outlines have already been marked to ensure long-lasting results.

Can I determine the amount of ink that the Tat2Skin Printer will print?

Yes. The amount of ink is determined by how dark or light the sketch is on your source. To adjust, change the brightness settings of your sketch on your computer or mobile device.

Are the results blurry?

No. one of the biggest advantages of the Tat2Skin Printer compared to our competitors is that the sketch will come out very sharp and clear. That is because the sketch dries immediately on the skin and the ingredients we use are one of a kind in that market.

Do I need to buy special / exclusive paper for the device?

No. The Tat2Skin Printer runs on standard A4 paper that you can get almost anywhere. No need to buy any special paper.

How many sketches one Tattoner cartridge can produce before it runs out of ink?

One cartridge of Tattoner can print around 1000-1500 sketches, depending on the size, brightness and complexity of your sketch.

Can I use the same printed sketch twice?

No. After you printed and transferred one sketch onto the skin you will not be able to transfer the same sketch again. You will have to print it again.

What if I transferred the sketch onto the client's skin and they wish to make adjustments?

No problem. You can erase the sketch immediately by wiping it again with the Splasher, and then place another sketch right after.

Where can I purchase Tat2Skin related products?

All of our products are available via our web shop, click here to view. We recommend subscribing to our newsletter to be the first to know about upcoming new products and special discounts and offers.

What about the warranty?

We give 1 year warranty on all of our products. The warranty is given from the day of shipping. If you are experiencing any issues with our products or have any questions please contact us here.

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