The sketch will last for hours, all while staying visible and clear

The sketch will not smear or smudge easily during work. For better resistance we recommend using “stencil lock” products.

No. Tat2Skin stencils are suitable for real human skin only and will not stick properly to silicon pads / fake training skin.

Yes. The amount of ink is determined by how dark or light the sketch is on your source. To adjust, change the brightness settings of your sketch on your computer or mobile device.

No. One of the biggest advantages of our stencil solutions is that the sketch will come out very sharp and clear.

Yes. The printer runs on Stencil Transfer Sheets which you can get here, and in most office supplies shops.

One cartridge of Chroma can print approximately 500 sketches, depending on the size, brightness and complexity of the sketches.

No. The Chroma cartridge is disposable. After usage please make sure to recycle the empty cartridge.

No. After printing and transferring one sketch onto the skin you will not be able to transfer the same sketch again. You will have to print it again.

No problem. Before the sketch dries you can wash it away with water and soap. Make sure to dry well the washed area before applying a new sketch.

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