Tat2Skin is the latest line of products by NPM International group – one of the world’s leading companies in the Permanent Makeup and the Paramedical industries.

Tat2Skin’s line of products offers a variety of reliable, game-changing products for tattoo artists of all levels and kinds.

The CEO of Tat2Skin; Moshe Alul, is a former tattoo artist himself and one of the very first pioneers in the Israeli tattoo culture. Since Alul started his first tattoo studio when he was only 16, he travelled all across the world to lecture, train and perform his art in front of tens of thousands of students specializing in different Permanent Makeup techniques, Paramedical treatments and tattoos.

Our employees put their hearts and minds in every small detail of our products in order to ensure a smooth user experience and a great customer service for our clients.

A New Tattooing experience

100% Accurate

Tat2Skin's stencil solutions duplicate perfectly what you choose it to. It is human-mistake-proof and ensures that you end with flawless results every single time.

Several Times Faster

No more wasting time copying flashes and outlines by hand. With Tat2Skin you will be able to print out any image or sketch you choose from any source in a matter of seconds

Extremely Simple

No technical or graphical knowledge needed. Anyone can print out any design from any source efficiently.


The Tat2Skin solution has the ability to copy different levels of shades, undertones and brightness onto the skin very accurately, so you can know which parts of the tattoo should be brighter and which are darker.

Does Not Smear

The stencil does not smear or smudge while on the body, even after multiple wipes. It will stay clear and visible for hours- so you can feel safe to finish your tattoo and take your time to focus on executing your art without any worries.

Long Lasting Cartridge

Our cartridges will produce hundreds of stencils for you before they run out of ink, which makes them the most cost-effective product on your studio.