About Tat2Skin

Tat2Skin is the latest innovation by NPM International – one of the world’s leading companies in the Permanent Makeup and the Paramedical industries.

The Tat2Skin brand was established due to a demand in the tattoo field for a solution that will solve the issue of duplicating sketches onto clients’ skin accurately, quickly and easily.

The CEO of the company; Moshe Alul, is a former tattoo artist himself, and one of the very first pioneers in the Israeli tattoo culture. Since he started his first tattoo studio when he was only 16, Mr. Alul travelled all across the world to lecture and perform his art in front of tens of thousands of students specializing in different Permanent Makeup techniques and Paramedical treatments.

Our company employees put their hearts and minds in every small detail of our products to ensure a smooth user experience and a great customer service for our clients.

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